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Welcome to the Medical Diagnostic center Science Labs

This is the first Greek Diagnostic center of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology that offers to prospective parents the non invasive prenatal test in Greece.

What is Clarigo™ NIPT offered by Science Labs?

Clarigo™ NIPT offered by Science Labs is a safe, highly reliable non invasive prenatal test. It is an affordable test, complies with all EU standards and has a CE-IVD marking for clinical diagnostic purpose.

The Clarigo™ NIPT test, that has been developed in Europe and is implemented in Science Labs Diagnostic center, analyzes circulating cell free fetal DNA that is released to the maternal blood system from the placenta.

Clarigo can be performed at as early as 8 weeks gestation. With a simple maternal blood draw and no risk either for the mother or for the fetus, it analyzes the 3 most common chromosomal aneuploidies: Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18), Patau syndrome (trisomy 13).

These rare chromosomal aneuploidies of chromosomes 21/18/13, with Down syndrome being the most common – with a detection rate approximately 1 out of 450 pregnancies – are the most likely genetic defects threatening a pregnancy.

Where is the test implemented?

The Clarigo™ test is implemented in the Medical Diagnostic Center Science Labs in Athens, Greece.

By applying the breakthrough technology of targeted Massively Parallel Sequencing of cf DNA on the Illumina Next Generation Sequencing System, NextSeq 500, the fetal DNA can be analyzed by Deep Sequencing of million independent sequences in order a possible chromosomal aneuploidy to be detected in chromosomes 21, 18 and 13.

Why Science Labs?

The greatest advantage of implementing Clarigo test in Science Labs is the fact that apart from all the other safeguards for avoiding mistakes, available in every laboratory through automation, in the case of Science Labs, there is an extra Quality control of each result from the scientists working on the method. This is impossible for the laboratories that implement massively this analysis for thousands of samples, coming from all over the world.
“We provide to you and your attending physician the opportunity of integrated monitoring of your pregnancy.”

Advanced Laboratories

Our laboratories are equipped with medical equipment of advanced technology and laboratory excellence.

Cutting-edge technology

We provide innovative services by using the most advanced methods of genetics and biotechnology.


We comply with ISO 9001 accreditation system for the registration and management of patients for the laboratory validation, as well as we implement a CE/IVD marked kit.

Scientific Associates

For the first time in Greece the Non Invasive Prenatal Test is implemented by Greek Scientists who have received training and are aware of the current guidelines for monitoring a pregnancy both in Greece and abroad.

Our aim is to help the couples who are having a child and their attending physician to make the right decisions for the future of their family.

6 steps that must be followed for the Clarigo™ NIPT test

Step 1

After consulting your doctor make the decision to perform the Clarigo™ NIPT test.

Step 2

Call Science Labs to book your appointment, wherever in Greece you may be.

Step 3

A blood sample is drawn from you and sent to Science Labs.

Step 4

Cell free fetal DNA is extracted from your blood, which can be analyzed for the Syndromes Down, Edwards and Patau, as well as the gender of the fetus (optionally).

Step 5

Analysis and reporting of results by Science Labs.

Step 6

Your doctor will explain to you the results and will consult you about the decisions you will make for the continuation of your pregnancy.

Main features

Highly accurate trisomy assessment
• Established sensitivity and specificity for trisomies 21, 18 and 13.

• Fetal fraction is reported for both male and female fetus samples to exclude the false negative results.

• CE/IVD marking obtained after a large multi-center study comprising approximately 1,900 samples from 3 independent clinical laboratories.

• Clarigo™ NIPT test is affordable and therefore available to more pregnant women. The lower price is achieved by using state of the art technology (full automation).

Main features

• The Medical Diagnostic Center, Science Labs can report the results within 3 – 5 working days after sample receipt.

Localization (Greece)
• Unlike all other NIPT tests, for which the sample travels even overseas, the Clarigo™ NIPT is implemented completely in Science Labs, from Greek scientists, after successfully completing a relevant certification process from the manufacturing company.

• Clarigo™ NIPT test requires only one simple and safe maternal blood draw.
• Clear results

• Non invasive procedure, safe for the fetus and the mother.

Clarigo™ NIPT

Simple maternal blood draw

in comparison to the compatible tests


FAST TIME TO REPORT 3-4 working days